They found the “one”.

Spring is here with gusto this week.  The tress are greening and the bulbs are bursting and Eugene is alive with new growth.  The weather has been fabulous!  Sunny with longer days.  There is a flurry of activity as we all come out of our winter coats.  It’s great.  I didn’t realize how much I missed the sun.

With all the spring-ness abound, it is open house frenzy.  My office had 5 open houses that I advertised on Facebook for this weekend.  Not only am I a newly licensed real estate broker, I am a social media specialist, wellness and service coordinator and office liaison.  So, I have my hands full with real estate.  Anyway, I help brokers advertise their open houses and this week I was able to get one of those open houses.  Woot!

The house: Built in the last decade, impeccably maintained, clean, organized, decorated, well-cared for, pleasant.  It is in the back of a new-ish subdivision and has no neighbors across the street because it is protected wildlife area.  Essentially, you walk out the front door and see green wetland wilderness that will not be developed.  The house smelled fresh and had an inviting feel.

I was doing this for another broker because I have no listings of my own at this moment and it makes me feel like I am doing something productive.  Kind of.  The owner was there when I arrived and she was polite and left quickly.  All my directional signs with balloons were leading the way to this gem.  It took people awhile to actually make it over.  I was there for about 45 minutes alone.  But, it had wifi.  This is good for a couple of reasons.  First, when no one is touring the house I can do work like schedule posts and work on my business social media.  Second, I can have my MLS up and be able to prospect and work my client profiles.  I was pleased for the wifi 🙂   I often think of life before internet. What a huge change in the real estate industry and education and life and our culture due to this intangible creation that we now all rely on.  And this makes me think of the invisible nautilus that is in the great tide pools at Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Groups of people standing out to see something that is literally invisible.  This is how I think of the internet,  invisible, yet so extremely awesome.  Sorry, I digress.

After 45 minutes, a couple walks in and they really like the house but they need RV parking. Sorry, not this house.  As I am talking to them I am thinking how I need them to sign the guest card.  But I really don’t want to ask them.  Instead, I give them a flyer I made which has my picture and contact info.  I feel this is like a card.  After the last round of hounding for a guest card my heart is to in it for their info.

Next, these two middle school boys walk in.  They are checking on the number of bedrooms.  I wonder should I be suspicious?  But, in my past life I dealt with this age group daily and they are actually sweet boys and one of them went to Borneo (cool). We walk around and chat about what they are looking for.  They leave with a handful of candies, I didn’t have time to get the cookies.  I know, I know.

Then this couple comes in.  It’s there first open house ever.  How cute is that?  They walk around the kitchen, which is big and spacious.  Another couple with kids walks in and I greet them.  The first time couple meanders upstairs.  I talk to the family and they are checking the house out.  They leave with my flyer.  The first time couple come back downstairs.  They are kind of whispery.  Another couple comes in.  They are up from Roseburg, know what they want, have a broker, take a flyer and leave.  The first time couple is outside walking around the house.  Another couple comes in from across the street.  They want to buy a second home, pre-approved, just haven’t found the right spot.  We chat about the school their kids go to.  I tell her you have my info on the flyer.  I have had not one person fill out a guest card.

The first time couple comes back in.  I ask how its going for them.  They have a look about them.  The wife wants it.  This is the “one”.  Now, it’s a crazy market here.  Things sell fast.  I ask if they know this.  They do.  Their broker texts as we are talking.  The wife steps outside to take the call.  She comes back and gets the husband to talk to their broker.  I overhear “docusign” and “do it today”.  They are excited and that made me excited.  I mention to the wife that the luck on their very first open house and she says this is their first home purchase ever.  First open house, first home and they are making the decision right in front of me.  This makes me think, what if they didn’t have a broker and needed me to make the offer for them.  Could I do it?  Well, the broker I am doing the open house for, a potential mentor, could help me.  But it stressed me out.  These super nice people who really want this house, could I handle that for them?

Well, they put in an offer and they backed out of the counter offer.  That energy they had and the look on their faces was pretty cool, I was really hoping for them.  After looking and waiting to find something you really want, but as I am quickly learning it is hard to be sure about anything in real estate.  It can be a long road and have many turns and this couple may make multiple offers on multiple homes before the find the “one”.  I have learned that you must wait until the funds are disbursed and the keys are in hand.  Still, it was pretty neat to be in the company of two excited, home buying hopefuls.  And it was great for me to reflect on my abilities.  Can I handle the excitement and hopes of people who may not get want they want?  The pressure of letting people down if their offer is beat?  Writing the offer?  I have been in this for three whole months.  That’s nothing in the lifespan of a career, have patience grasshopper.

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