Wigs, the multipurpose Halloween tool.

Here we are.  Autumn.  Pumpkins.  Halloween.

My favorite of all, Halloween.  Free candy, dressing up, parties.  Halloween has been a favorite of mine since childhood.  And somehow I have overlooked for much too long the greatness of a wig.  Not any more.  Wigs are now front and center for my decorating and frightening.  Let me explain.

I have had a rough couple of years trying to carve and paint my pumpkins.  This year I had an idea.  Just put a wig on the pumpkin and call it good.  I loved this idea, so we headed to Goodwill.  There was a large container of used wigs just waiting to have another life.  And looking at these wigs I was hit with the sheer awesomeness of a wig.  I can wear them, duh, decorate my pumpkins with them, and scare the daylights out of my family.

Now if your family is anything like mine, frightening each other is a game that holds an odd delight.  The wig is a superb scaring device.  You can leave them hidden in surprising place like the shower or in the bed.  You can attach a string to them and move them slowly across the floor like an odd animal.  Our brains want to categorize everything and when we don’t expect a wig because they are so amorphous, we have a momentary delay in recognition. And this is how a wig is such a great tool.  The swiss army knife of Halloween decorations.  Buy a few and let the Halloween joy ensue.


Published by mollymair

Community Realtor using creativity, integrity and insight to get clients moved.

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