It’s time. I’m with her.

Summer has sped away down a dusty road, leaving my hopes for a sultry, golden tan in the rearview.  Eugene had exorbitantly hot weather this summer, the fires started in California and I saw a tractor mowing dirt.  On bad days, I wonder how long it’ll take for our species to devolve into a Tank Girl/ Idiocracy existence.  On good days, I believe we are getting our act together and things are going to get better.  This is how I came to end my days sitting on the fence watching the show.

I need to preface my thought process.  Politics for me are interesting but I have a finite attention span, as I do for most things that I cannot touch.  I was once called tactile in a museum, I prefer kinesthetically motivated. Anyway.  Politics would be much more engaging if I had a personal connection and not the pussy grabbing kind (funny timing on the release of that sound bite).   Engaging in this election was meh.  I’d get around to it.

My first chance to vote for president was Bill Clinton, the second term.  My black and white held staunch lines, I was not comfortable in the grey.  Then Monica, the dress, the cigar and WTF first lady?!  You are going to take that?  I felt for Hillary and Chelsea.  I felt for Monica.  And Bill.  It sucked, haha.  But really, it was so nationally embarrassing.  I am sure in other parts of the world it really was not a big deal to have an affair.  We are still puritanical in some ridiculous ways.  How could such a brilliant woman stay with such a slime ball?  I was indignant.  No grey yet.  No understanding that marriage is complicated and different for each couple.   How could a self-respecting woman allow herself to be treated this way?  How could she tolerate him and the press?  She was a warrior.  She was a shero.

Then we went through the bushes.  And I missed the old days, the accent, the policies.  I missed what we had.  The intelligence, the ease and comfort.  The balanced budget.  I was nostalgic for acumen.

Fast forward twenty years.  I am driving to a golf tournament, this time hosting a hole.  Still not engaging in the election.  KLCC, the local NPR station is playing  a Hillary speech on what exactly I cannot remember, but it felt important.  And listening to her talk I jumped off my piece of the fence.  I leapt into the mix, I engaged.  Vote for Hillary!  Except my motivation for her being the first woman was not as compelling as it was last time around.   Something changed and I think it was the Obama.  His pedestal is high.  I know that no person is perfect and mistakes were made but we had it good.  Now, we must move forward and this new chapter is all about Hillary.

I signed up on her website to volunteer when I got home, but all I get are donation emails.  So I try to talk to people about voting for her and many people distrust her.  Why is this?  I hear it is because she lied and is linked to corruption, Benghazi, the email server.  And it makes me wonder.  Is she really another lying politician or is she a female, lying politician beating the old boys at their game and they don’t like it?  Could the main issue be that she is a woman?

Hillary is brilliant.  Experienced.  Well read.  Well traveled.  Consistent in fighting for minorities and against -isms.  Does it really come to the fact that she has a vagina?  And honestly I think it does.  This makes me want to campaign harder for her.  V power.  She is also a lifetime politician.

There are over 7 billion humans on Earth.  6 billion of us live in PEACE.  1 billion do not.  I propose that the 6 billion of us stop watching, listening, giving any attention to the 1 billion that are doing their best to bring us down.  Let’s take that high road together and remember our power.  Let’s not give it away or let it be stolen.  Let’s VOTE!

Life is now every shade of grey.  And it is beautiful.  Maybe this happens with age or having a child or falling in love with a woman or letting go of everything I was supposed to want.  This grey opens my heart to the rest of the world.  When we grip so tightly to our safety and security, our hands cannot hold any more and we miss out.  Let’s not give our fear control of our future, lets turn our faces towards what we do want and not look back.

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