Surprises of Video Touring & Buying Out-of-State.


Statistics abound and often inaccurate but I am going share this little gem, 70% of people moving out of their state are moving to Oregon. This means that we have a lot of people buying homes while out-of-state.

Why would people move to Oregon? You may be asking yourself. There are plenty of reasons. We have water! We have trees! We have lots of space and nice people. Outdoor folks have so many choices for adventures, mountains, beaches, camping, and hiking. In Eugene, we have the University of Oregon. Go Ducks! Those a but a few of the reasons I moved back to Oregon.

I have had three different clients now that purchase from out-of-state. This process is totally do-able. Title & escrow officers are super helpful and it can be pretty smooth. The main issue I find is managing expectations. If a client has only seen photos of the home it is hard to get a feel for the little things. This is why I do video tours.

So I had video tours yesterday of three homes in the Eugene area for new clients and I just want to share about the first tour.

The home is close-in country about 15 minutes from Eugene city, horse properties all around and about three wineries within a two-mile radius. Horseback ride to a wine flight, my kind of afternoon.

It can be difficult to tour, talk and video without making the viewers sick. These are live tours, usually FaceTime and I don’t want my clients nauseous after we hang out. To combat my worry I brought along my lovely assistant to film and I open doors and sweep my arm across the master bedroom landscape. Kind of funny in my head, not so sure for my clients.

Well our tour is going as well as can be. We have seen all the interior and I have pointed out the little unique features. We head outside to look at the yard. This property has acreage and looks like animals, my guess sheep. There is a great yard for the kids but it is close to a road that is busier than the listing Realtor said it would be.

We head over to some outbuildings, storage and stuff. There is a shipping crate. Now, I have a desire to get one of these and make something fabulous. Like a tiny home or a bunker or some craft storage. I am not entirely sure what I will do with one yet but I want one. So of course I am going to open it and take a look at how the sellers use it.

At this point in the video tour is going on 10 minutes. We are talking about the container and my clients are saying they would assume the sellers would move it. I reach for the handle to open it and see on one wall a bunch of tools, so I am narrating that it looks like tool storage. Then BAM! The female owner is in the shadows of the container looking at me like a deer in headlights. I SCREAM, thinking she is a ghost or an older version of the girl from The Ring. She looks blankly back at me and my assistant has caught all of this on live video and is not sure where she should point the phone. I try to recover my wits, explain how beautiful the sellers home is and introduce myself. The owner is quite nice and I may have startled her. We all think it is pretty funny.

The tour of this home ends, I return the key and we head off to the next house, laughing. The seller’s disheveled white hair, blank stare, and frozen posture is a little haunting but all in a day’s touring.

There is usually a surprise when touring homes and I was not disappointed. Real estate keeps you on your toes. Moving from out-of-state and buying a home before you get here is very possible. I would love to take you on a video tour anytime. Just know I am a screamer when frightened.

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