I jumped on the video bandwagon. How to use video, SEO and other little ideas.


Ideas in a photograph

Realtors have to FIND business.  That may seem contrary to how easy it looks, wink.  Finding business as a new agent is like feeling your way through a pitch black underground cave.  It can bring up some fear issues.  Maybe that’s just me. I moved to the area almost two years ago because Eugene is awesome and don’t have the history of high school classmates or generations of family to pressure into using my services.  I don’t have what you call in the biz a sphere of influence, SOI.  This leaves me with more questions than answers. How do you find clients?  How do I market my biz?  How much does it all COST?


As a fresh agent, I don’t want to spend boatloads on marketing certain things are still important like food, tuition for my kid, gas, etc.  I want to use my crafty, boot-strappy, hound-doggyness to create my business.  In addition to a tenacious internal drive, I recently went to a seminar about SEO and blogs.  SEO is search engine optimization.  The main idea is to use words in your blog, posts, videos to have your content pop up before others.   In this seminar, there was a lot of talk about videos, especially Youtube because Youtube is owned by Google and Google is like the MAIN search engine.  Essentially, Google really likes to hear about itself and the more you share Google products the higher you rank.  Wow, that’s deep. Haha.  I also just sat through an hour of class explaining the recent changes to Facebook.  I pulled out a couple of keys points.  Your business posts reach less than 2% of the people who like your page.  Videos rank higher than any other type of posts.  And here I find my crafty, boot-strappy, hound-doggy self needing to reach more of my peeps.  And this is how I jumped in the parade of video makers. My First Video Please don’t laugh too hard.  I filmed this in my office, it is my first take (it did not get better with practice) and I wanted to put all I am learning into action.

Some other things I learned recently.  Always save your listing photos with the complete address.  It will show the address when people scroll over the photo.  Don’t pay to boost your posts on Facebook, it doesn’t help.  Don’t count on the paycheck until it is in your hand 🙂

Hope some of these ideas help.  I am super excited to share all I am learning about lending and “unique” properties.  I just need some time to process first.

If you are interested in selling, GREAT, fill out the form below.  Inventory is very low in Eugene, OR.  If you are interested in buying, GREAT, I would love to help you, fill out the form below.  Interest rates are still incredible and buying real estate is a brilliant step towards your personal wealth.


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