MBA at 40?!?


Well, not actually 40 but knocking on that door with increasing intensity.  It is true though.  I am going to start my MBA program at the University of Oregon in ONE week at 39.  You know that song, Once in a Lifetime?  And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack.  And you may find yourself in another part of the world……  that’s me. How did I get here?  

Once in a lifetime 

p.s. that’s also how I dance.

My approaching middle age self-awareness has a verve for life that was hidden years prior in self-doubt and the search for true passion.  The younger me was trying desperately to have a passion but I am not a one, true passion person.  Picking one thing for all of my attention and drive is binding and repulsive.  Could be why I have had an exorbitant number of jobs and used to really like moving.   Learning that about myself took a while and left me feeling like I wasted a decent chunk of time worrying about not having a true passion. It also left my family confused because I always change my mind. I am a mutitpotentialite.  What is a multipotentialite?

Around November I was watching my life collaborator study for the LSAT and that fire in my belly for school rekindled and started smoking.  What am I doing?  Starting my own business was the tip of the iceberg. It was inspiring to watch someone you love go after their goals.  I decided to look into an MBA.  You know, the ROI of it and all.  So I met up with one recruiter from the school to pick his brain with an idea I might apply next year and it was cool.  We each had vetted each other and sat for a decent convo over coffee.  I do have a couple of inventions, a handful of business ideas and some lofty ambitions.  So I met with another recruiter, it really was only a recon job but they were both so supportive and advocated for my application that I jumped through those hoops, nothing stellar but a lot of putting myself out there.  Then I waited.  Patience and I can have issues. I couldn’t make my next plan or list accurately without knowing for sure what the school’s decision was.  

Soon the letter came for my life collaborator and it was a wind of excitement blowing through the house.  No letter for me, still working that virtue.  What if I didn’t get in? What if I did?  I have been to college, plenty.  And have had all kinds of interviews, try-outs, performances, but that mental nag was working my doubt like a parasite nesting. Then I got THE email.  I didn’t think I would be so emotional.  It is always nice to feel accepted.  YAY!!  I got in.  

Now what?!

How do I pay for it?  How do I continue my real estate business and attend school?  How will I find time to be an engaged, good mom?  What if I am too OLD?  What if my style/tattoos/beliefs/sexual orientation/politics/life choices make me stick out or make me not fit?  What if I am not smart enough?  How can I possibly handle more on my already full plate?

I have no idea how I am going to do it all but I am all in.  All in with my gritty resolve, quirk, sass and heart. And I want to share this journey.  I have a feeling there may be others out there going for the gusto in life or at least thinking hard about going for it. I have had some great life experiences and some heartbreaking ones all peppered between my beautiful & ordinary existence.  And the main lesson I have learned is LIFE IS TOO SHORT.  What am I waiting for?  Letting the days go by.  Not me, not today. 

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Community Realtor using creativity, integrity and insight to get clients moved.

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