Forget the “how” chase the “why”.

Week SIX is rolled up and I actually have about 20 minutes to recap.  It is currently a whirlwind of assignments and due dates with a daily battle to eat lunch.  Not that bad of a diet plan but a recalibration for sure.

Orientation was a long two weeks that had lots of teaming and sitting.  My booty had not sat for two whole weeks for 8 hours in a chair since I was in school for the last degree.  On the first day of Orientation I was all dressed up in a suit and high heels (torture devices).  At the end of the day I twist my ankle and tumble-down four small stairs in front of fellow cohort members.  At the bottom, I just took a moment and fully experienced gravity and my existence.

At the end of the first week of Orientation I had another experience that hurdled me back to middle school.  I found a singular bathroom that is pretty rare.  I was doing a small happy dance because I could use this space as a refuge if needed in the coming weeks and months.  In my excitement I failed to take a full look of my outfit.  I start my walk to my car across a small portion of campus and down one whole street block.  At the stoplight and nice fellow says, “Excuse me Ma’am, your dress is tucked into your tights.”  Death by embarrassment.

The second week of Orientation passed and all the excitement of the impending doom was about to burst.  We were told so many times that we were going to have a ridiculous work load and to not freak out.  Part of me let it roll off my back.  Psh, I do all kinds of stuff, how hard could it be?  The other part of me was shaking in my boots.

The first actual weeks of school unfolded finding a new normal of reading, homework and getting to bed at least an hour later than I need.  I was put into a group and the five of us have so many assignments and cases together.  These strangers are necessary for my success.  We needed to get on with the storming and norming so we can perform.  I am still not sure if we have fully stormed beyond my internal monologue but they are a smart, industrious group and thank goodness we are all in this together.

I had a ridiculously hard midterm on risk management using a decision tree in excel and a finance midterm that broke some people.  I may have lost a small portion of my spirit on excel but there is no time for that.  I had to quickly replace any feelings with studying for the rest of my classes.  Did I mention I have three graduate level math classes?  And it doesn’t end with midterms.  Class presentations and papers are due and relentless.    Throw in a new kitten, two different sets of house guests and real estatin’ (closed on two houses in October), it is surprising that tears only rolled one morning.  Maybe I don’t give myself enough credit, maybe I should have higher expectations for my abilities.

With this brief moment for reflection I have the chance to think back to a guest speaker we had a couple of weeks ago.  She founded a multimillion dollar company in her friend’s kitchen and had so many pearls of wisdom.  My favorite piece of advice: don’t get caught on the “how” and instead go forward with the “why” of the process/ project. If I want to freak out I can focus on the how and the song just plays on a loop, how did I get here. How will I get it all done?

I am focusing on the why.  I am here to learn how to create and manage my own real estate business and be equipped for any other business opportunities.  I am here to meet inspiring people who chase down their dreams.  And I am here because a chance opened up for me and I jumped at it.  I am doing it, I am going for the gusto in life.

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Community Realtor using creativity, integrity and insight to get clients moved.

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