Where did the last year go?!


I have been a delinquent blogger. Life came rushing at me and the clock spun faster than ever.  Here is a brief recap of my MBA, travels, and life.


The Gum Wall

In January, our cohort went to Seattle for a week to visit different companies.  To name drop ;), we went to Amazon, Microsoft, and Zillow. If you wonder what Amazon is like, think lots of dogs and cubicles in huge buildings dominating a large chunk of downtown Seattle.  Oh, and there is a banana stand! As per typical start-up office, Zillow had a ping-pong table and a candy wall. The exact set up at each start varies in the game table and snacks offered but follows a pretty rote theme. Zillow had exactly one employee over 35.  Microsoft was a compound that had a whole division for startup incubation. Seattle is a fun city, lots of traffic, great food, and beaches. It was near my birthday and my bestie met me in the city for a rollicking mom-trip on the town complete with driving up and down big hills like a roller coaster .

San Francisco


In April, our cohort went to San Francisco for a week.  This trip is a blur, out of the haze I remember a few pieces. We went to a start-up that is a security perimeter entity for the department of defense.  These were the smartest people I had encountered yet, the room crackled with their intelligence.  That’s all.  The live wire of brilliance. We went to others like Salesforce, which I still don’t quite know what they do, YourMechanic, Intuit, eBay.  Learned how little I know about computers, the web stack, and all things techie. About that time I was feeling pretty underwhelmed with my skills.  The trip wrapped up on the last day with a man pooping in front of me on the sidewalk and my flight being cancelled. San Francisco is a joy of a city and I am excited to go back.

I wrapped up my first year of B-school with a free haircut by a river in Colorado.

Free haircuts are the best!


My bestie had her birthday trip in Colorado going to Xavier Rudd shows. After slogging through three terms of reading, homework, stress, my partner making it through her first year of Law School, real estating, and trying to be a quality parent, I ended the year with solid grades and new friendships cultivated.  My business of real estate had suffered from the bludgeoning schedule of the first two terms of school and my inability to handle both.  Note to self, there is time for everything but 2 am may not be the best time for calling clients or housework.


The BEST! Four days of music, camping, and loving life in an Oregon forest.  #hippygirl



In September, I went to CHINA! with about 30 other MBA’s.  China had never been on my list of places to visit and I was on the fence about the trip.  I am grateful I went and had the experience of visiting a diverse range of companies.  Before the trip, I tried to educate myself through reading some historical non fiction and that paid off in my cultural understanding. The trip changed my attitude towards China growing a deep respect for the culture and their place in the world order.

We started in Shanghai, a bustling city.  It was humid and we walked many places in our business attire. Most businesses we visited had a connection to University of Oregon.

Throw the “O”
The Bund


Next, we went to Beijing.  Beautiful. I highly recommend a trip there.  The weather was fantastic due to a summit of African nations. The factories were shut down due to the summit and we had blue skies.  I had researched long and hard the best air mask and never needed it. The Forbidden City was immense and I could have spent a year there.  Plan accordingly.




The Great Wall



I now know why the Great Wall is a wonder of the world. Breathtaking human endeavor. See it if you can.

We ended the trip in Singapore.  Enjoyable, but at this leg of the journey I was ready to come home to my family.

Once back in Eugene, Oregon real estate got very busy.  I did most of my business in the last three months of the year and ended up having 5 listings and a total of 12 sales. Woot! I plan on doubling that number to 24 sales this year.  B-school has taught me so much about strategy, marketing, and myself.

This fall term flew by, as is this winter term.  I am training for the Eugene Half Marathon in April, planning my graduation trip, and enjoying the little things like hugs from my son.


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