We drove to Standing Rock, North Dakota for Thanksgiving.

After an overwhelmingly successful donation drive, we had two vehicles filled to capacity, a U-Haul trailer and four drivers on the road to deliver.  I had never driven beyond the middle of Montana and oh my, North Dakota is far from Eugene, Oregon. The items we were delivering to the water protectors varied.  We hadContinue reading “We drove to Standing Rock, North Dakota for Thanksgiving.”

I am not native, I am an invasive. And my heart hurts.

Empathy.  The difference between humans and worms. Before we decided to drive to Standing Rock, North Dakota, I was incensed about the North Dakota Pipeline.  Big business, private interests stealing from the people with permission from the US government.  Water contamination an obvious outcome of this pipeline.  904 oil spills in North Dakota this year.Continue reading “I am not native, I am an invasive. And my heart hurts.”

It’s time. I’m with her.

Summer has sped away down a dusty road, leaving my hopes for a sultry, golden tan in the rearview.  Eugene had exorbitantly hot weather this summer, the fires started in California and I saw a tractor mowing dirt.  On bad days, I wonder how long it’ll take for our species to devolve into a TankContinue reading “It’s time. I’m with her.”