Where did the last year go?!

  I have been a delinquent blogger. Life came rushing at me and the clock spun faster than ever.  Here is a brief recap of my MBA, travels, and life. Seattle In January, our cohort went to Seattle for a week to visit different companies.  To name drop ;), we went to Amazon, Microsoft, andContinue reading “Where did the last year go?!”

Forget the “how” chase the “why”.

Week SIX is rolled up and I actually have about 20 minutes to recap.  It is currently a whirlwind of assignments and due dates with a daily battle to eat lunch.  Not that bad of a diet plan but a recalibration for sure. Orientation was a long two weeks that had lots of teaming andContinue reading “Forget the “how” chase the “why”.”

I jumped on the video bandwagon. How to use video, SEO and other little ideas.

  Realtors have to FIND business.  That may seem contrary to how easy it looks, wink.  Finding business as a new agent is like feeling your way through a pitch black underground cave.  It can bring up some fear issues.  Maybe that’s just me. I moved to the area almost two years ago because EugeneContinue reading “I jumped on the video bandwagon. How to use video, SEO and other little ideas.”

Surprises of Video Touring & Buying Out-of-State.

Statistics abound and often inaccurate but I am going share this little gem, 70% of people moving out of their state are moving to Oregon. This means that we have a lot of people buying homes while out-of-state. Why would people move to Oregon? You may be asking yourself. There are plenty of reasons. WeContinue reading “Surprises of Video Touring & Buying Out-of-State.”