Forget the “how” chase the “why”.

Week SIX is rolled up and I actually have about 20 minutes to recap.  It is currently a whirlwind of assignments and due dates with a daily battle to eat lunch.  Not that bad of a diet plan but a recalibration for sure. Orientation was a long two weeks that had lots of teaming andContinue reading “Forget the “how” chase the “why”.”

We drove to Standing Rock, North Dakota for Thanksgiving.

After an overwhelmingly successful donation drive, we had two vehicles filled to capacity, a U-Haul trailer and four drivers on the road to deliver.  I had never driven beyond the middle of Montana and oh my, North Dakota is far from Eugene, Oregon. The items we were delivering to the water protectors varied.  We hadContinue reading “We drove to Standing Rock, North Dakota for Thanksgiving.”

I am not native, I am an invasive. And my heart hurts.

Empathy.  The difference between humans and worms. Before we decided to drive to Standing Rock, North Dakota, I was incensed about the North Dakota Pipeline.  Big business, private interests stealing from the people with permission from the US government.  Water contamination an obvious outcome of this pipeline.  904 oil spills in North Dakota this year.Continue reading “I am not native, I am an invasive. And my heart hurts.”

Some people won’t ever be happy.

It’s true and I know you have met them, maybe you are one of them.  It could be temperament, you’re just born inexcusably unable to be pleased.  Or maybe you’re conditioned through the factors of sheer existence.  Life has worn all your joy away.   Some people just want to wear a frown and peeContinue reading “Some people won’t ever be happy.”

You better Belize it.

I know, it’s kinda cheesy and terribly overdue.  It’s so true though.  You gotta believe in Belize.  It’s your next trip. Using trip instead of vacation evokes a sense of adventure.  Sure, you may relax a couple hours on a beach but a trip for me usually involves walking, a lot of walking.  On adventures,Continue reading “You better Belize it.”

Pick a house, please.

In all the excitement of having some buyers, I forgot to coach them on how our relationship will play out.  This was a mistake.  It’s like in the classroom, you set up your routines and reinforce positive behaviors.  Clients can also use clear guidelines and positive reinforcement. I have been hacking away at learning thisContinue reading “Pick a house, please.”

So I have some tattoos

  My trip took me from Hawaii to Singapore then Bali and Japan.  I can honestly tell you after many years of commercial airline travel across the pacific, I experienced a plane ride I was sure I would not live through complete with screaming passengers and a snack cart serving Cup-o-Noodles.  For weeks I wasContinue reading “So I have some tattoos”

I got my real estate license! Now what?

After years of classroom teaching, I decided to go back to school and finish my masters degree.  I didn’t take a classroom and moved to Eugene.  I planned on being a college student, again… Well, what’s the saying about the best laid plans?  The month my teaching program was to begin  I was notified thatContinue reading “I got my real estate license! Now what?”